1: Manifesting & Tarot - Understanding the basics

INTRODUCTION: Manifesting & Tarot

A lot of people in the self-development world love Tarot, oracles and of course, the concept of manifestation. But a lot of people also tend to oppose both practices, since Tarot is often used as a prediction tool.

Using a prediction tool to manifest your desires and therefore, your free will, could seem counter-intuitive. But there’s so much more to Tarot than predictions. And there is more to predictions than pre-written fate.

Let’s start by defining what manifestation really means and how it works in theory and practice.

Manifesting is the art of calling something into your reality and allowing it.

In this course, we'll talk about allowing, letting go but also finding clarity and faith to manifest seamlessly.

We will then look at different techniques and custom spreads I have designed to help myself and my clients to manifest faster and with less resistance by harnessing the power of Tarot, I call it TAROTFESTING!

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